Jason McGhee

I spend time on full-stack web apps, machine learning, UX, design, product, solving problems, and communicating ideas. I've written patents, blog posts, and a whole lot of documentation and project specs. I like prototyping new ideas, and I've co-founded a startup with a successful exit, and working on the next. I consistently spend my time learning as much as I can.

Substack Posts

Falling Sand Series

Little Procedural Worlds

A fresh little world each time you visit

A small art project. Refresh the page to get a new world! (Made with p5.js)

A talk I gave at ODSC East 2020 (given again for YouTube)

Deep Learning for Tabular Data: A Bag of Tricks

Tips to assist with the successful application of deep learning on structured data.

A tool I built for myself after that conference

Viz Studio

Built on top of p5.js, a code-based live animation editor. Freely modify animation code without restarting the animation, or pause and seek to modify and view the animation at a specific moment in time.

Any modifications will be serialized and written to the URL which can be copied and shared.

Example Animations: