I spend time building software, machine learning, UX, design, product, solving problems, and communicating ideas. I've written patents, blog posts, a whole lot of documentation and project specs. I like prototyping new ideas, I've co-founded a startup with a successful exit, and working on the next. I consistently spend my time learning as much as I can.

On Learning to Code


GitHub Repo

Use an LLM directly from anywhere you can type.

rem: Remember Everything

GitHub Repo

Remember everything you see, with your Mac.

Also: In-Progress Cross-Platform Version

Vector store served from CDN

A static webpage supporting natural language search hosted on GitHub Pages

Search using natural language on a webpage without running a server.

Falling Sand Series

On-Demand Education

Update: I recently rebuilt and open sourced this! Here's a live demo.

A LLM hackathon project that has since expanded: an attempt at the lofty mission to build a system that allows anyone to learn anything in the way the excites them and works best for them. This version focused on the medium of a voice-over on top of a slide deck.

Video demo of the first prototype

Exploring compute shaders

GitHub Repo

An exploration of Godot 4's compute shader support, which includes abstraction to simplify working with them, along with a slime mould example and a particle life example.

Little Procedural Worlds

A fresh little world each time you visit

A small art project. Refresh the page to get a new world! (Made with p5.js)

A talk I gave at ODSC

(given again for YouTube)

Deep Learning for Tabular Data: A Bag of Tricks

Tips to assist with the successful application of deep learning on structured data.

A tool I built for myself after that conference

Viz Studio

Built on top of p5.js, a code-based live animation editor. Freely modify animation code without restarting the animation, or pause and seek to modify and view the animation at a specific moment in time.

Any modifications will be serialized and written to the URL which can be copied and shared.

Example Animations:

Substack Posts